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Cryptocurrency, DeFi, and blockchain (which we will refer to collectively as crypto going forward) are fundamentally changing the way we store, transact, and interact with value. Crypto has come a long way since the quiet launch of Bitcoin in 2008. Facilitating billions of dollars of transactions per day and enabling the launch of innovative financial services like lending with Compound has given us a glimpse of the future. Today Bitcoin has proven the demand and feasibility of a natively digital financial asset and Ethereum has proven the innovation that an open and decentralized financial system can foster. This is just…

We all have things we want to accomplish, but when we try to put our ideas into action, they rarely happen the way we imagined. There seems to be a gap between the clarity we have in our heads and the mess of reality.


We can obtain some level of mental clarity and foresight by writing stuff down. Putting things on paper forces us to make our ideas concrete. By dragging ideas out of our heads and onto paper it also lets us see problems that were not obvious when it was just a nebulous cloud floating around in our…

This format and content is based on Ben Horowitz’s classic “Good Product Manager/Bad Product Manager” and the many inspired pieces that came after it. This is a very effective format for communicating expectations in the same way that positive and negative samples are effective in machine learning training sets. By providing both you allow the learner to infer a boundary that would otherwise be difficult to describe. Note that at different stages and types of companies what an ideal engineer looks like will differ, this is written specifically for Stably on October 2020.

Good engineers know how to get stuff…

I’ve heard many developers say they “don’t have time to write tests.” But most of the time that’s a fallacy, because not writing tests is how you end up with no time. Lack of testing means you have to spend precious time manually testing features every single time something changes. I believe the real reason a lot of developers don’t write tests is because they make testing hard for themselves. Let me show you what I mean.

Here’s a typical function that you might write. It’s a common and simple workflow where you fetch some data (from an API, a…

Everyone talks about how we’re “more distracted than ever” and how “deep work is more important than ever.” The term “deep work” was popularized by Cal Newport in his book “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World”, but simply put deep work is focusing on a singular task for prolonged periods of time which often results in flow state.

As someone whose productivity highly depends on how much time I spend in flow state, I’ve never found an easy way to communicate that importance to someone whose work does not have this requirement.

The reason certain tasks…

This opinion piece was written on July 27th, 2020. All content is based on my own research and is my own opinion. I do not represent any of the projects listed and information gets outdated very quickly in this space so DYOR.

Curve (https://www.curve.fi/) previously known as StableSwap presented itself as an “efficient mechanism for Stablecoin liquidity” with a whitepaper dated November 10th, 2019 (https://www.curve.fi/stableswap-paper.pdf)

What problem does Curve solve?

Stablecoins have proliferated and grown as DeFi has grown. The issue is that often times when you want to swap from one stablecoin to another you will have to rely on an expensive fee-bearing method…

One thing I’ve noticed that consistently separates ok and good performers from top performers is their ability to sabotage themselves by choosing an easier decision today that leads to worse results in the future. Now of course no one goes around purposefully setting themselves up for failure, so the issue here is that many people are not aware of the tradeoff they are making in the first place.

We are genetically wired to prefer short term payoff over long term payoff. This shows up in our lives from the way we manage our finances to the ways we communicate. …

Want to run an Ethereum node but don’t want to manage the infrastructure? Want to create a service that interfaces with the Ethereum network? There’s plenty of reasons to run an Ethereum node on AWS.

To keep things free, we will be using Parity to run our Ethereum node since Parity supports state tree pruning which will keep our storage requirements low.

Discover and review best Blockchain softwares

If you don’t have an AWS account already, go ahead and open one, you will automatically have access to the free tier.

Launching an Instance

First we will launch an EC2 instance. We will choose…

David Zhang

Co-founder @ stably.io

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